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Wildfire is part of our landscape. to mitigate wildfire, implement a forest management plan that creates a defensible space around your property.

Crosscut Trails & Forestry provides Wildfire mitigation, land management & trail construction services. in addition, by working closely with customers and local and federal agencies, we acquire grant money to subsidize the long-term management and operational costs of new trails, which act as a protective border against wildfire.


 Our Services


Wildfire Mitigation
Land Management
Trail Construction


Hazard Tree and Snow Removal
Habitat Restoration
Firewood Sales


Our Team

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Adam Fletcher, President

Adam grew up in Lake Oswego, Oregon, and graduated from Southern Oregon University with a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology with an emphasis on Native American Studies and Cultural Resource Management. Adam began his career in the outdoors working in the Umpqua National Forest as a wildland firefighter on a Type II IA Crew. His firefighting career took him to Santa Fe, New Mexico; Draper, Utah; and then finally to Jackson, Wyoming, where his expertise in forestry motivated him to start Lawngevity, a landscaping company, and now Crosscut.

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Brad BUhmiller, VP of operations

Born and raised in Northwest Montana, where his grandfather was a forester, Brad worked for the US Forest Service for many years before starting Great Northern Tree Service in 2014. Familiar with all fuel models and proficient in the cultivation and management of woodland flora, Brad is an expert in wildfire mitigation.


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